Export to .stl plugin not working

I’m using Sketchup Make 2015 installed with Wine on my Linux desktop. I have the Export to .stl plugin for 3D printing. This was working fine for some time but now when I export the file and load it into Tinkerine Suite for conversion to a .g file for printing, the exported file says, among the rest of the code, that print time is zero. It will not print, of course, but if I instead export it as a .dae file (not using the plugin) then import that into Tinkerine Suite, it prints fine.
Also tried it in Sketchup Make 2017 on my Windows 10 desktop, and again, the file exported as .stl using the plugin won’t print.

Maybe there’s something wrong with the model? Upload it so we can take a look.

does it need asci or binary stl?

they differ…


It’s a very simple model. As I say, the plugun worked in the past, but not now, though the files that worked were exported in exactly the same way to .stl then imported to Tinerkerine and saved as a .g file.xBattery-Holder-print1.skp (103.0 KB)

try without the guide lines…


Not sure. Under “import files” it specifies *.stl , *.obj , *.dae , *.amf

sorry, I had missed that you had previous success and thought it may have been the wrong ‘type’ of stl…

the guide lines are a more likely suspect in this case…


It may be that you have the box ticked for “Export only current selection” but have nothing selected.

When I select the plugin and ask for .stl export the box says, “nothing selected–export entire model?” I answer “yes” and the export proceeds. Again, this is the procedure which used to work. I have no idea what or why it changed changed.

Which exporter are you using?
The one from the Sketchup Team in the Extension Warehouse produced this. Which works with my printer.
xBattery-Holder-print1.stl (93.4 KB)

I believe that’s the same one I use but I’ll need to check 'cause the file you uploaded works fine in Tinkerine suite for saving as a .g file. Thanks for your help and I’ll get back to you here tomorrow.

Yep–same one I’m using…really like to know what’s happening here. Not really critical, since I have another way to get a printable file using the non-plugin export from sketchbook to a .dae file. Just irritating since it did work before.

The exporter only considers Faces when exporting - any other entity types are ignored. Models may contain Guides but they have no effect on the export.

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Make sure you have version 2.1.7 or later installed. The bug you mention did exist in previous versions but has been fixed.

Try exporting the model as ASCII in millimeters. Have the Ruby Console window open before exporting. Does it show any errors?

Open the .stl file in a text editor. It should look similar to this:

Well, I installed sketchup 2015 and Tinkerine Suite on an older, 64 bit laptop that I have, then went to the warehouse and installed the .stl exporter. I then opened the .skp file we’re dealing with and tried an export. The first thing I noticed is that the export to .stl window that opened was different from the one I’ve been using: it had the selection for ASCII and the units window you mention. Opening the exported file I then imported it into Tinkerine; this created a usable .G file as it’s supposed to. Problem appears to be solved, chances are, I was using the buggy version of the file you mentioned. Thanks very much for your help.

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