Everything disappeared when I clicked on fog

Hey there, I just finished my model and I clicked on fog to see what kind of effect I would get but everything disappeared completely…

Can anybody help?

Thanks, M

Click again?

I’ve already deactivated the fog… but the model is not showing.
On the outline I can still see all the groups.

Hit Shift + Z


I don’t even see the axes

Try to upload the file in this thread ( reply, drag the .skp file in the answer area)

BARN REMODEL.skp (788.6 KB)

Zoom extents brought it into view for me. The viewpoint was from under the floor.

Hi Anssi, Ok please guide me cos I’m in panic mode…

I went on Camera > Zoom Extents but nothing changed

Shift + Z combination sets the model extents in the viewport (Zoom Extents)
It’s the looking glass with the three arrows in the large Toolbar or palette
[menu] View > Tool Palettes > Large Toolset

It’s also wise to set up a ‘Design’ scene that can take you back to where it’s all happening.

BARN REMODEL.skp (798,2 KB)

What version are you actually using? Your file was apparently in the version 2018 format so your profile looks like being wrong.
I did like Mike, zoomed to a “normal” view and saved it as a scene that you can always come back to.
BARN REMODEL.skp (825.3 KB)
(attachment in 2018 version)

Hey Mike, I have a 2018 version would you mind so resend it?

I just got the right version from Anssi :slight_smile:

Thank you guys!!!

I assumed you were using the Free Web version on a 2018 Mac, my bad.

Curious why zoom extents reveals nothing for me, nor do any of the standard views. Model space remains a blank green. Geometry is clearly present via outliner where and I can select it and copy to a new file. But zoom extents is not working as a fix for me here. Odd.

Might be Mac specific @colin ?

Don’t forget to save a scene now. So you will be able to return to whenever your model seems to get “lost” again.