Event Designer

Someone can guide me on the best way to design existing buildings with or without a plant, theaters, horel rooms, convention centers, concert halls, etc.

The best way is to visit the site and take photos and measurements of the spaces you need to model. If you can get a detailed floor plan that can help too, if it is accurate enough for your needs.

Pinterest is a good source of floor plans… do a search like “hotel floor plans” some will have scales… so you can size accurately… or measure the building in google earth to get a rough size approximation

Thanks for the answer, in the first phase it is as you say, in the design phase which will be the best workflow, I start with floor, walls, roof doors and windows and some furniture details.
There are drawings to sell to clients who want to organize events and I’m looking for the best way to work

I focus on modeling just the parts I absolutely need first now. I used to attempt modeling the entire space even if I was only using a handful of walls here and there. Now it’s more efficient.

Once you model the areas you need to show, you can start to connect them with the rest of the space if that is something you want to do. It’s fun sometimes.