Eneroth Solid Tools subtracting group

Hi everyone,

Please see video attached, I wanted to make holes in panel. It only works when I click each one at a time, I wanted to save time and group the rest and subtract with one click, it doesn’t work. It seems to merge with the “panel” without creating holes. What am I doing wrong?


Nested groups.

You could very simply draw 2D only the rectangle and the circles, and then extrude with PushPull.

Thank for your reply, yes I’m aware of draw 2d and PushPull. Not the solution that I’m after.

I have created some dynamic components cabinets, I’m what I’m trying to do is one component to create the side panel and another component/group for holes. When I’m happy with drawing and dimensions etc, then I subtract the 2 components to make panel with holes in it at the end.

I have now installed that extension and tested it and it gives me the same results. It ignores nested groups and somehow joins them with another outer group.

If you were using native Solid Tools, it would warn you that you have nested groups and it wouldn’t work.

I ping @eneroth3. Hi Christina !

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