End of Support changes in SketchUp 2024

Yeah exactly.

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Dude you’ve been on the forum since 2016 yet you manage to be completely off topic, asking about the support of your classic 2021 licence in a topic about “save as” in 2024.
and you’ve asked it before and other asked and answered it a lot over time.

no. there is not. and never will be. ever ever.

you already lost support in january.
you can use the version you have forever, as long as the login servers run.
in january you’ve lost the support of the web-based tools as the chromium version included in sketchup 2021 was not compatible with the various websites anymore. 3d warehouse, Extension warehouse, you can’t access them anymore directly in sketchup.
you can access them in your browser.

that’s all.

everything you need to know is in the End of Support Policy page


I have another problem. For a very serious software reason i cannot upgrade beyond high sierra. Where any subscription is useless with 24.

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Since SketchUp 2020, you can not open a layout file by API if it’s opening in LayOut app.
So if you make some changes to a layout document, there will be no way back.

OH - you’re saying that there’s no API access to the save function in Layout because Layout doesn’t have extensions, so this workaround only works for SketchUp files, not Layout files.

Got it!

Actually “Layout doesn’t have extensions” is true. But there is a Layout API (Since LayOut version 2018), which is allow to open the Layout document:
The open method creates a new Layout::Document by loading an existing .layout file.
(It is probably true that the layout file should not be open on the Layout application…)

As well as:
The #save method saves the Layout::Document to a file at the given path. Passing an empty path string will save the Layout::Document at its current path. Then the second parameter allow you to save to older version of Layout.

This means that devs can be able to write an extension (which needs to run from SketchUp, not from LayOut) to save layout file as older version, if they decide so!

Taking these into account, and considering the fact: LayOut 2024 still allow to save to earlier version, I came up with an idea, for “native” workaround to get your skp file saved as older version:

  • Save the file in the 2024 SU. Name it to e.g: my_model.skp
  • Select the menu: File>>Send To Layout
  • If Layout is opened and the view is displayed, select the menu File>>Save as…, then select an old layout version (e.g. LayOut 2017) from the Save as Type drop-down list. And save the layout file. e.g. named mylayout2017.layout
  • Close Layout.
  • Find the previously saved layout files in your favourite File explorer.
  • Rename the layout file extension to zip e.g.: mylayout2017.layout >>> mylayout2017.zip
  • Open the zip file and extract a file my_model.skp from a folder named “ref”
  • Enjoy the .skp file which is now in a 2017 version.

I suspect that Trimble regards people who are holding onto an old license, hence not paying any more, as no longer being “customers”. But this action still seems to violate the maxim “it’s about the customer, not about you”.


(I don’t know which will be more appropriate in the end, the title of the movie or the title of the clip. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)