Edit 3D View command in layout changes viewport scale

Hi all. I have recently upgraded to Pro and started using layout but have encountered a few challenges. Perhaps the most troublesome is when I use the Edit 3D View command. When I activate the command (whether by context menu or double click) the viewport scale changes without any input from me, throwing my dimensions and grid alignment out of whack. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

Any advice is appreciated.

You really shouldn’t be using that if you want to maintain the complete link from SketchUp to LayOut. It’s good for a one off thing but not a good idea for something where you may need to go back to the SketchUp model to make edits. You should set up scenes in SketchUp to show the model as you want to see it in LayOut and don’t click into the viewport to change the camera position. If you decide you need a different view of the model, make that in Sketchup as a scene. Save the changes and update the reference.

if you activate the 3d view by accident, as I did frequently at first, you can always just undo to get your scaled viewport back. You can also turn off the whole orbiting in the viewport thing, here:

to not enable sketchup model editing.( the wording of this option doesn’t really tell you thats what it does)

Personally I would never have my reference grid system in Layout. Reference grids should never never be somewhat displaced. You will want to dimension from your grid lines into geometry to specify exact locations, so best be 100 percent sure its in the right place. I place it in sketchup , like this:

and having it inside sketchup is highly useful for any discussion of placement you have while modeling, Like if your on the phone or in a videoconference with other professionals, engineers and what not.

Thanks for the replies. I have shut it off so that it’s not an issue. I am migrating from ACA where grid values are entered into the project properties so physical reference really isn’t all that necessary when modelling and where object snap work well in layout space. I was a little disappointed with the functionality of the inference engine in Layout. But I suppose I need to think more in terms of adapting my workflow to SketchUp rather than adapting SketchUp to my workflow. Cheers!