EdgeType Confusion

Hello developers,

I am not sure what is happening to the edges when using the code below…

model = Sketchup.active_model # Open model
model.rendering_options["EdgeType"] = 1

The edges vanish and fail to be seen even when the hidden view is active. Does anyone have a clue what is actually happening to the edges?

Thanks in advance!

No idea, but making this change causes strange controls to appear in the Style > Edit > Edge panel.

The Edge settings switch to the sort of display shown when a sketchy edge style is selected. I expect the edges are not displayed because there are no PNG images to display like there would be in a normal sketchy style.


I don’t know the specific answer but I note that this is an area in which the Ruby API documentation is almost useless. It merely lists rendering options and constants without explaining what any of them do!

I did not notice the Edge edit menus changing so good catch. There must be a good explanation for this.

@DaveR think you are on to something by saying the edge is not displayed because no PNG image is available, but why the image below doesn’t show the empty bounding box like the above image?

I agree with you 100%. Most useful information about API code is found outside the official API Documentation. By this I mean forums post but the problem is they are sometimes difficult to find.

Here are some Rendering Options forum posts I found to be useful…

Thank you, everyone!

I agree with Dave. It most likely means 0 == normal (vector), 1 == sketchy (raster).