E Tricycle


images%20(2) Can Someone help me to do this in sketch up?! for school purposes…thank you


did you look in Sketchup Warehouse?


It is not appropriate to ask others to do your school work.


Sorry but this is not exactly our assignment…I just need a e tricycle and rebuild it as my professor want…all of us need it


Not yet


may I know what is the name of it in the warehouse?!


it’s a “tuk tuk”


Do a search for TUK TUK Danica

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okay sir…thank you so.much…


Just so you know, the image that @gsharp posted is a warehouse link. Click the warehouse logo and it will take you straight to it.


Man I wish I had thought of asking people to do my assignments for me when I was in school. Would have saved me hours of work!


Yes , it could have saved you a bunch of work then, but by doing the hard work yourself, you now save tons of time…


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