Dynamic Components for Shadows

I am trying to create User Input for a Solar Tracker. It will change the rotation of Solar Array geometries. I got that to work well. What does not work is changing the Shadows settings for the Sun to a month-day and hour. Can this be done with dynamic components? I tried SUNANGLE and SUNELEVATION with no success?

sun angle and elevation are read only and only update with a redraw, so these values are taken from the current drawing and the position of your tracker then can be updated. Not the shadows follow your device, but other way round

Can Private Message DC?

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Thank you for your response. I’ll put in a request to Sketchup to add some Dynamic Component Shadow settings function ability. I’ve seen other designers create Solar Designs in Sketchup, it would be used.

No functionality has been added, nor have any bugs been fixed, since V1 of Dynamic Components, so don’t hold your breath. :wink: