Dynamic component (materials) nested into another DC


Hope you can help me. I am building up a library of kitchen components and I would like to have the option to change the carcass colour.

For instance, say I have a 600wide cabinet, but an option of two carcasses: white and oak. I am trying to build a dynamic component in which the carcass remains a component so I can play with the material behaviour and choose a colour, and that would be inside the 600wide cabinet component.

However, when I create the component and go through the options of the OVERALL component, I cannot pull down from the list, only when I go into the carcass component, which does not give me the shortcut I was intending to create. Is there a way to make this work better?


You will have to add the color options in the overall component as a list parameter. Then you link this parameter to the materials parameter of the subcomponent (carcass) to which it relates.


I suggest you make a “kitchen” template that has a material palette and have the DCs reference that. Then no need to make heavy components, repaint the palette, do a redraw and the DC updates. Try the example, manually redraw via right click menu (can do a short cut). If you believe this is for you, then we can add a simple script to redraw all.
kitchen.skp (318.9 KB)

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I have done this, and I think I may have gotten around it now :slight_smile:

I will give this a go, not sure I understand it how it would work as I have hundreds of separate components. But will let you know later. Thank you!! :slight_smile:

Try the OPTIONINDEX Function.
It allows you to pass the choice to a component inside the main component.
I have demonstrated how I solved passing a choice to a sub-component within a sub-component in a post from yesterday, Passing attribute instructions beyond the child level