Dynamic component and TAG

Tout le materiel; Assemblage de TOUS.skp (3.7 MB)
It is the first time I post, so I hope all the links will work and that you"ll understand my basic english.
I was wondering if someone could help me with this one;
I have a dynamic component, it’s a railroad track.(here attached)
I have TAG the two first component of each item for a 3 feet long track.
If I enter a new lenght for my track in my component options box, the new items created are not TAG.
I am pretty sure there is a possibility for the components to all be showing the same TAG but how?

Thanks !!

I answer you in the language of Shakespear to respect the community, but the title of your model invites me to believe that you are Franchi.
Dynamic component copies are made on the active tag. it’s hard to think about activating the beacon layer before manipulating the component parameters.
The trick is to make a draper which is copied and inside a subcomponent which is on a beacon layer which will be well respected during the copy. Where to take a look on our French-speaking forum Biblio3D https://www.biblio3d.com/t13906-sketchup-plugins-sj_adddcfunctions and look for SetLayer function.

mode Canadian. I don’t see why a French user would work in inches and feet unless under duress or threat :sweat_smile:
(also, english interface. and her name has a “quebec” ring to it :slight_smile: )

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Thank you , but honestly I do not understand! I don’t know what is a draper. I have also been on the link you send but could not find the setlayer. I guess I will someday find out. It seams to have interesting information on this link for components so I will look deeper. Marie…Duval…So yes très France, but in Quebec with inches and foot!!!and SketchUp!

Hello MarieCD
Imagine à component À with a sub componentB
And the sub component B have also a sub component C
C is tag with “C”
B is tag with “B”

B have a copy attribute
The first copy of B is tag with “B” and not the other

The component C in each copy if B are tag with “C”

B is a wrapper for C to keep the tag

To simplify i wrote a plugin call Sj Add Dc Function
The link I done présent this plugin.
And he add a Setlayer fonction to apply dynamically a tag to a component

In B you add an attribute name for example “tag” with the formula =SetLayer(“B”)
If the tag “B” don’t exist the function create it and apply the tag to the component

I hope you understand with this new explanation.

À bientôt

Ho! Thank you so much simjoubert.
I understand and I will definitively install this plugin!
Oui à bientôt car j’en suis à mes débuts et aurai probablement bien d’autres interrogations.

If you tag the raw geometry of the object, the copies will inherit and there is no need for changing the active tag.

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