Dyn. Components get Info from Element Info Palette

Hi SKP, Community,

is it possible to get (via formula) the infos directly out of the
element info palette into a field of a dynamic component?

see screenshot (german version):

  • Instanz
  • Definition
  • Volumen
  • Preis
  • Typ

Greetings and thnx for help.

Dynamic Components is an extension. Its math functions are no comparison to full application API and its scope does not go so far to control or access the user interface.

If you revert your direction of view, you could instead ask from where Entity Info gets its information and whether you can access the same with dynamic component functions.

  • volume is a computed property (not an attribute). It is for example accessible through the Ruby API from component instances and groups. If there is no VOLUME function in dynamic components, maybe there is a way to call a Ruby method.

  • Price, Size, Type are attributes (SketchUp calls them “extended attributes” because they are now created by default on components no matter whether they are actually needed). Dynamic Component attributes are also just a special sort of attributes. So possibly you can access them through dynamic component functions.
    Look for an attribute dictionary SU_DefinitionSet or SU_InstanceSet

See also here: How to get the price or length of Components