Dual Level Scene Tabs



Unfortunately it is those kind. Although i have a good quality pair that have a plastic framing.

There is no support for Nvidia 3D vision glasses.

Mind you, although the red/cyan glasses look lame they still are a delight to use. Seeing your 3D work in ‘Real 3D’ is always exciting.

Of course, the question is whether it’s necessary as opposed to being just aesthetic.


It might be worth it to you to try out a few regular 3-button mice options. It’s funny, the cheap mice sometimes work the best. I do, however, have one of the $100 space mice, and it’s great. I recommend a space mouse, but even if you get one, I highly, highly, highly recommend that you use the center scroll wheel to orbit. Orbiting that way and holding down shift will also give you Pan. Personally, I use my middle finger for the center scroll wheel, to speed things up. It takes practice. If you practice using the center scroll wheel for a few weeks, you may find you don’t need the space mouse. I surprisingly enough use my mouse to navigate even while I’m using my space mouse. There are some situations where the regular mouse works better for navigating.

And with faster navigating, I hope you may find a decreased need for scenes!


I will take your advice on that Katy. I will try a regular 3 button mouse first to see if using the middle scroll button for orbitting makes sense to me. If it does then i will go shopping for a better mouse that has a soft feel to pressing the middle scroll button.

If that isn’t enough then i just may end up getting a Space Mouse.


Not really. I understand what problem you are trying to solve and agree that it’s quite cumbersome as it is. However having exactly one level of grouping, no more, no less, is very arbitrary. Having more levels, e.g. infinite levels, would eat up a lot of the screen if shown as scene tabs.

I suggest grouping in the Scene inspector with limitless nesting but simply show the flattened list of scenes in the scene tabs. Advanced users who needs grouping would primarily use the Scenes inspector and maybe even hide scene tabs altogether.


@eneroth3, some people have the screen space to have just one more level of scene tabs. Many people have 17" screens and larger. Just about every person can fit around 20 scene tabs across the screen horizontally. To be able to have 20 group tabs with each containing 20 scene tabs puts it at a total of 400 tabs that can be accessed in less than 4 seconds. That is extremely fast access of many scene tabs.

Now certainly nobody in their right mind would need that many. Having 400 tabs is not the point. The point is that nobody needs more than two levels.

Of course, if you can have scene tabs that are so easily organized and accessible then people would probably start using more of them.

So my point is that why not just one more level of scene tabs that can be turned on for those who want the nested tabs and off for those who don’t need it or want the screen space.

To me its common sense. I use Microsoft Excel everyday and have many documents open at the same time with an extension called ‘office tab’ which similar to nested scene tabs allows a person to select one tab for whichever document they want to access and then another tab for whatever sheet in that document they want to access. As soon as i started using excel i immediately realized i needed nested tabs and began searching for a possible extension and luckily it existed. Today i cant imagine working without it.

But look…I really don’t want to argue about this subject matter given that there is nothing that can be done about it and given that i have found a great workaround with external references.

My apologies if i seem a little stubborn. Perhaps i am.


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