Drawing tab plugin?

Does anyone know of an extension that organizes all open models in tabs similar to AutoCAD?


You can only open one model at a time in SketchUp. If you open several instances of SketchUp, they will have each their own entry in the Taskbar.

I am well aware of this; is there a plugin that would condense multiple models into one window and organize them in tabs like the image above?

Note that because it uses multiple-document interface (MDI), the Mac version of SketchUp already provides tabs. But the Windows version is single-document interface. You can have multiple copies of SketchUp running at the same time, but each is limited to a single model.

I don’t think it is possible for an extension to do what you request on Windows. There is certainly no support in the SketchUp Ruby API.

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@slbaumgartner Thanks for the explanation. Does this mean that it is not likely to happen in future updates of SU for windows users?

Trimble is very close mouthed about their plans for the future if SketchUp (as a publicly traded company there are limits on what they can disclose). I can’t guess…

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