Drawing a line half of known distance


Trying to figure out how to draw a line half of a known distance. Let’s saw I was to draw an “L” shape and make the first line say 10’ feet then go up 3’ feet then back over half of the distance of 10’ (I know it’s 5’). I used simple numbers in my example, but I’d like to know how to do this for say 5’ 3 11/16" or some other random complex number without using a calculator.


Use inferencing to identify the midpoint.



EDIT: I’d already made before dave beat me to the punch…

and it is a slight variation on the theme…



If you wanted the second line half the distance of the first, this is the first thing I thought of.


@Wegz15, as you can see, @DaveR’s and @john_drivenupthewall’s approach is exactly what you asked for. But notice the general method (demonstrated by @Thorleyian) that you can achieve with the right click > ‘Divide’ operation on a drawn edge. It divides the edge in equal parts, any number you wish. Handy to know.


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