Doubled geometry after draping



Hi everyone,

I’m having some issues with the drape tool - I imported geo-located imagery and made a 2d copy to work on. I then traced the areas of interest and draped the 2d copy onto the 3d terrain (using paste in place, drape tool etc.).

It seems that I have two layers of geometry in some areas (presumably where geo-imagery overlapped). If I delete one of the layers, I am usually left with a more detailed imagery surface (like I’ve deleted the lower resolution one) and the remaining edges of the surface that exactly replicate the 2d top-down layout , but are at a different z-value.

Is there a smart way to fix this? I can go through manually and delete all the extra geometry, but sometimes it leave a small gap in the terrain (which I could in theory manually draw around to fill in) or it doesn’t line up with another surface.







I don’t get clearly what your problem is… Are you sure you are draping on the right surface ?

Perhaps a .skp file before the drape tool beeing applied would help me understand


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