Does the C++ API support reading thumbnail for a model

Hi Experts,
A quick question, does the C++ version SketupAPI support reading model thumbnail? I found ruby version API has save_thumbnail functions, like

  1. Module: Sketchup — SketchUp Ruby API Documentation
  2. Class: Sketchup::ComponentDefinition — SketchUp Ruby API Documentation

It is the C API. (The old C++ API was retired quite some years ago.)

For live SketchUp application use, the thumbnail can be written to a disk file with Sketchup::save_thumbnail() and then loaded as an ImageRep object.

But not yet for standalone or third party application use. However, it has been requested for years.

See the following API request topic. In this topic @thomthom discussed extracting the thumbnail image from the SKP file header, but this was 2 years before the overhaul of the SKP file format.

Thank you @DanRathbun , I didn’t notice the API was C style. Thanks for the information.