Document Setup Option Missing

I do not have a “document setup” option in the File pull down, SU 2014

Well, nobody else has it either. You have probably been reading the documentation for LayOut. LayOut is a separate application that provides a “paper space” for SketchUp models, and is part of the Sketchup Pro package.



How do i change the unit measure in sketchup?

Window menu>Model Info>Units


Yes, Anssi is correct. The SketchUp Knowledge Center should be called the Misinformation Center:

“Use the Units panel of the Document Setup dialog box to configure the units used for lengths in LayOut. The units format applies to Measurements and the Paper size settings.”

“The Document Setup dialog box is used to configure a number of different settings specific to your current LayOut document. Activate the Document Setup dialog box from the File menu.”

Seriously Trimble, take it offline and fix it already. Nobody appreciates being sent on a wild goose chase, least of all me.


FYI: This is the Help Center page for units from the SketchUp online user guide …