Docked palettes do not show names when minimized


I dock palettes on my work surface for quick access.

I tap Window in the menu, choose what ever palettes I want on the work surface (Instructor/Components/entity Info/Layers/Scenes/Styles)

I then minimize the palettes by tapping at the top of each. Used to be when I minimized the palettes the title of each palette was visible. With my new computer the title is not showing so I have to tap each one to see what it is.
How do I get this feature back?



We are not physic.

What kind of computer and graphics card ?

What OS edition and version ?

What SketchUp edition and version ?


HP pavilion slimline s5680t, amd radeon HD 5450

Windows 7 home premium 6.1

Was sketchup make 2014 14.1.1282 going to make 2015 15.0.9350

My customized toolbars also do not copy over. This happened when I went from 2013 to 2014


Migrating toolbar setups has been a feature request, like forever.

Sometimes command names or toolbar names change between releases complicating the issue.


Do you have this “collapsed Instructor window caption bar” issue on both SU2014 and SU2015 ?

So have you installed Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 yet?

Are all your important and suggested Windows Updates done ?

Have you updated your graphics drivers from the AMD website to the latest for your card ?

Do you know what version of OpenGL your card supports ? (SketchUp needs a min of v2.0)


I am all up to date. No idea what OpenGL is.

But the issue is that everything works like I like in the 2014 version but those customized by me settings did not transfer over to the new 2015 edition I just installed. I have read my settings should be on the newly loaded version.


Again …

Do you have this “collapsed Instructor window caption bar” issue on both SU2014 and SU2015 ?


It is an open source C/C++ Graphics library. It really should not have any effect on how Windows draws the UI. But perhaps so ?

But… inside SketchUp:

Window (menu) > Preferences (dialog) > OpenGL (panel) > Details (button)

… brings up a small informational dialog. (hit ALT+PrintScreen to copy just that dialog image to the clipboard. You can paste the image into MS Paint or whatever image editor you like to save it as a png.)

For this exercise, it is only important to know that it says OpenGL version 2 or higher.


Version 4.4


Good it is at least version 2.

Again …

Do you have this “collapsed Instructor window caption bar” issue on both SU2014 and SU2015 ?


Now I see what the communication issue is. You are responding to an issue I started two months ago. It fixed itself and is now not an issue.

I just put in another issue last week about the customized settings (toolbars) not carrying over from my 2014 version to my 2015 version. Hopefully someone will respond to that one.


Oh good. So it must have been an issue on SketchUp 2014, since you posted in Sep. (I didn’t notice that the post was that old.)