Do you always have to start with a component


From selection. trying to figure out out how this works . I am so confused.
The thing that is ringing in my head is method class. I want to draw a box and keep the 0,0
origin and the spacing through out my model. Always start from that position.


I prefer to start at the origin most of the time and i make components of discreet parts in the model as I go. Components and groups are used to keep entities separate. Otherwise, if they touch, they’ll stick together.

What are you drawing and what is this spacing you are referring to?


lets just say 16 inches on center for walls.


Can you make all 16 inches on center through out the whole model. from origin x and y and keep that position through out.the whole model.
I have always been a stack framer.


My apologies. You are talking about writing a script, right? I thought you were just talking about modeling. So are you working on an extension to draw framing? Have you looked at Housebuilder?


Its not stacked. Start from origin. I’ve been building for 30 years. I want you to help me write a plugin


You posted this in the Ruby API category. As Dave asks, are you looking to write a Ruby plugin/extension? Please forgive me but your question and topic sound quite naive, leaving me unsure whether you have learned Ruby yet and whether/how much you have studied the SketchUp Ruby API. That makes it hard for me to be sure how to answer…


Sorry about that. I’ll move. I just want to learn.
Thanks Steve


Thanks DaveR learned something today.


You’re welcome. What did you learn?


I start with the origin most of the time and I start with components.
Thank you Steve