Disable reDraw?

Is there any way via ruby to disable/enable redraw? Specifically, when I am making many changes to a DC with many children I would like to disable redraw and make all of the changes before enabling again, to avoid the DC blowing up during the changes…

It isn’t clear to me from your question whether you are altering the DC using the DC extension UI provided by SketchUp or via your own Ruby code. But in either case you will need to hack into the DC implementation, as there is no Ruby DC API provided or supported by SketchUp. You could probably prevent changes from showing on the screen (and taking time) by wrapping the code in an operation with the disable_ui flag set true. But I have no idea what havoc that might play with the rest of the app, e.g. it might freeze the DC GUI, preventing you from making changes that way.

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Using the DC UI by SketchUp. Sounds like it’s a bad idea and can of worms. I will leave it be.

Hi Ryan,
to stop the flying and to preserve the reference make sure that the parent is always shown before editing the child(en). this includes the option dialog too.

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Hey Philip!

Yeah, I do my best to manage it but when I have something with 4-5 layers of nesting and It needs a major change it just gets messy. Thinking in these cases a clean rebuild is the better option.