Dimensions in layout?

I am a layout beginner, I have only started using it about 6 months ago, and it is a struggle.
I mostly do kitchen plans in Layout. Kitchens are dimensioned in inches.
I can’t seem to get them to display that way. I can get feet and inches 3’-6", but I can’t get it to display 42".
If I switch the display to decimal, it leaves of the inch mark, so it displays like this: 42.

Once I get that figured out, is there a way to save my dimension style as a default?

One last question: Can anyone recommend a great tutorial for Layout beginners?
I am using Pro2022


If you want to use Fractional inches, choose that in the Dimension Style panel while the Dimension tool is selected. Change existing dimensions by selecting them and then changing the setting. Choose the appropriate Precision. If you want to show the double quote for inches, make sure the last utton the top right of the Dimension Style panel is shown in blue.

Screenshot - 5_19_2022 , 1_55_36 PM

If you make this setting for your current project it’ll stay set that way until you change it. If you want to use that for future projects, best would be to make your own template. After you’ve set the dimensions the way you want, use File>Save as template. Then when you start a new project, select that template.

Your template should include the correct paper size, the desired font for the various text entities including Dimensions as well as leader style for labels and arrow style for dimensions (set in Shape Style). You can also include layers, page borders, title blocks, etc.

Start with the tutorial at learn.sketchup.com

Please update your profile. It says you are using 2020.

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You might consider looking into a few places for deeper learning.

Matt Donley has a book called, “Sketchup to Layout, 2nd Edition”. Good resource for a beginner.

There is also the Sketchup School if you have the money to spend on classes.

Also, Skala.studio is another resource that teaches a unified system of solid preparation of Sketchup models to work with well thought out Layout files. It’s geared towards architects, but the principles still work for cabinet design.

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@KeithBrooks you might want to check the link to Skala - I get this…

This site can’t be reached
Check if there is a typo in skala.studio.

I think there’s a www missing…?

yeppers…check it now. it gets there.

The LayOut Dimension Style dialog has two controls, one for the dimension unit and the other for dimension unit visibility.

What happens if you choose Fractional?

Evidently my post is invisible.

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Thanks! I will give it try tomorrow morning when my brain is functioning properly.

BTW, I just updated my profile.

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Thanks! I will give it try tomorrow morning when my brain is functioning properly.

BTW, I just updated my profile.

It was when I weighed in. I think it said something like Deleted by User.