Dimensioning in layout 2024


I’m dimensioning a garden that is on angles. Normally I would select the start and end point and even though they are not in a line, the dimension tool would bring them to be perpendicular to each other/ orthagonal, so you can determine the horizontal distance from a set point.

However, I am getting this - see dimension 7.40 m. What I want is for the dimension to be perpendicular to the house wall (see dimensions above house wall - these were created using guidelines in Sketchup; however, when I remove the grid lines, the extension lines move and are no longer pointing to the ‘point’ of the garden the dimension refers to. I presume because the dimension line is not connected to the model).

I have tried to reset the axis so that the X & Y relate to the house wall to no effect.

Tried to upload the layout file but it has exceed the size allowed

  • The house wall I am referring to is that from Starting point A and running in the direction of all the dimensions above the house wall

Upload the LayOut file to DropBox or We Transfer and share the link.

Please update your forum profile with the correct information. It says you are still using SketchUp 2018 on Mac 10.13.2.


Will update profile - completely forgot about this!

As it happens,I think I have fixed it. I copied the drawing into a new file and the axis are now correct to the X & Y (green & red lines) and it works. thank you for your support!

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