Dimension line in layout default

the last time I was in layout my dimension lines defaulted to just ticks at the end and now it is defaulting to arrows and I have to manually adjust them. how do I make it my default dimesion line.

I do not like the arrows.

The short answer is to make a template with all the settings you wish to customize. Check these links:
LayOut Auto Templates (youtube.com)
Introduction to LayOut - Let’s Talk LayOut (youtube.com)
Saving Templates - Let’s Talk LayOut (youtube.com)

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Thanks. Could you please tell me how to change the dimension style to my first picture with ticks and not arrows. I’m reading with this Mac Sonoma update it’s no longer allowing me to change it and I may have to adjust it manually.

First, select a dimension, Then make the change in Shape Style as indicated.

Sonoma is not supported by SketchUp