Difference between SUFaceGetNumOpenings and SUFaceGetNumInnerLoops?

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It looks like that SUFaceGetNumInnerLoops and SUFaceGetNumOpenings are doing the same thing. If there is any difference between these two?


I haven’t used the C SDK but based on my knowledge of the SketchUp DOM and experience from the Ruby API they sound identical. Perhaps duplicated by accident?

The difference appears to be that Loops are actual edged geometric holes in faces.

Openings are pseudo-holes caused by the snapping of “cuts opening” components to faces.
These openings are not actual geometric holes, but “display voids”, to coin a term.

SUOpeningRef Struct Reference

References an opening object, which is a hole in a face created by an attached component instance or group.

REF: http://extensions.sketchup.com/developer_center/sketchup_c_api/sketchup/opening_8h_source.html

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