Dezmo Save to older SketchUp Version

The reason @dezmo created the extension is because the dev team went and removed the previously existing functionality from release 2014. They did it deliberately.

I know, but they need to add it back! I’ve been using SU since version 5 and it really is slap in the face to long time users.

They’ve already issued a statement about why they aren’t continuing to support the older versions and how it is prohibitive to adding new functions.

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Thanks for your work on this. Exactly what I was looking for and it works like a charm. Cheers.

Unfortunately it seems as if this extension does not want to start when installed on a Win 10 computer. Is it because of it being unsigned as it says in the Extension Manager? Hopeless not to be able to store files in SU 2023 or older any longer as others can’t always read SU2024.

It loads just fine on my Windows 10 machine. If you have SketchUp set to restrictive loading policy for extensions, it being unsigned will prevent it from loading. Change the loading policy to either let you approve its loading or unrestricted to let it load.

Please update your forum profile. It says you’re still using SketchUp 2021.

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SU 2023, SU2022, SU2021 Does open SU 2024 Files!

(The extension can save to SU2020 or earlier versions)

Ho to set unrestricted :


Thank you so much. It works now. Great! Good to know that it should work without conversion for 2021-2023.



Thanks, great help. I will also try to find where I change to 2024 in my profile. I have had that comment earlier too.



How and where does one update the SU version to 2024? Really difficult for me to find.

It can be tricky to find that screen so here is a reminder:

Click your icon at the top of the page:

Click the Profile icon:

Click Preferences:

Click the Profile icon again, make your changes then scroll down to save them.

Wow, not that obvious. Thanks.






No it isn’t. I guess Discourse could make it easier.