Development plugin in Visual Studio 2013

I am interested in the development of plugin in Visual Studio 2013. All that I was able to find, this is an example of the project Welo World, but I did not find information how to run the plugin. I copied the contents of the Debug (1.8) in a directory (…\Plugins\SUEX_HelloWorld) but at the time you run SketchUp, nothing happens. It may be necessary to connect manifest the plugin. Any help is appreciated.
Thank you

The project is already set up to load the C extension built. When you run either Debug/Release (1.8/2.0) it launches SketchUp and executes the corresponding rb file in the Ruby directory of the project:

This assumes the path to SketchUp is the default installation path. (And probably version 2014). If you use another version you must change this in the project’s Debugger settings.

I have Win x 64 platform, and I get the error when you run the “Windows Debugger Lical”. The compiler has determined that the application is not available. I changed the configuration of the project on the “Platform x64”, but still get a compilation error. One of the errors:

Warning 3 warning C4273: ‘atanh’ : inconsistent dll linkage e:\opensource\ruby-c-extension-examples\thirdparty\include\ruby\1.8\win32\missing.h 31 1 SUEX_HelloWorld

Error 14 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol rb_str_new2 referenced in function “unsigned long __cdecl GetRubyInterface(char const *)” (?GetRubyInterface@@YAKPEBD@Z) E:\OpenSource\ruby-c-extension-examples\Hello World\RubyUtils.obj SUEX_HelloWorld

@bugra - got any idea what this might be?

Using SketchUpKDK, I can compile the package with the extension “rbs”?

No - RBS files are scrambled RB files. You need to use the scrambler tool for that:

That is, I will not be able to build a plugin for SketchUp application using SketchUpSDK?

Well, I can use the IronRuby extension for Visual Studio that would build a plugin with the RBS?

SketchUp doesn’t use IronRuby. I uses the normal Ruby interpreter.

You might want to look at our Ruby C++ Extension code example:

That lets you develop in C++ and we’ve set up example Visual Studio and Xcode proejcts.

The RBS format is simply to scramble RB files.

No - the C API is for reading and writing SKP files. If you want to create a SketchUp extension you need to use the Ruby API.

You are referring to is (

That is an example project of creating a C/C++ Ruby Extension for within SketchUp.

But I was referring to the Ruby API itself:
You can write the whole thing in Ruby.

But I do not find the plugin compilation method (.RBS). Could you give a link to the section compiling? Thank you

If I understood you correctly, the project sketchup-ruby-debugger shows the possibility of developing plugins on C++?

Found (

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That’s creating C/C++ extensions to Ruby - so you’d still be using out Ruby API, but using Ruby’s C interface.

That’s the one.

Thanks for the support.

Can I use loader.rb as a manifesto for the start of the module written in C ++ language?


Can you elaborate what you mean by this?

I meant an extension method to connect DLL

loader = File.join( PATH, 'Extension.dll' )