Designing your way back to the office

Hi everyone,

I am pretty sure that by now most of you have settled into the new work-from-home environment. I have to say that it starts feeling quite comfy (I am wearing my sweatpants as I am writing this post) and it becomes more and more difficult to imagine how it will feel like to go back to the office.

However, for many organisations across the world (including Trimble) this is a reality we will soon have to go through. On our end, we put together a blog post with some ideas on how to use 3D and our favourite SketchUp tools to make this transition as easy and as constructive as possible.

We would love to know how YOU feel about going back to the office. Feel free to use this space to share with us images from your post-COVID workplace layout, your experience and, why not, some design ideas that might be useful to others.


I work at home anyway, but I do go into an office regularly. Colleagues are liking the work-at-home and I can see that they want to start cutting back on office time when things get more normal.

I want to know how to go over plans with owners–besides Go-to-meeting that I do anyway… Meet in person. I think taking a monitor as I have in the past, can allow us to work without huddling too close over a drawing. Has to be big though. I’ve tried projectors but that was so-so.

We have already had site meetings where we stand in a big circle with masks on.

EfcharistĂł, @Aristodimos !

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