Delete Front Color and Back Color "Materials?"

Is there any way to remove the “Front Color” and “Back Color” materials from an object? When exporting to FBX or OBJ formats these materials are present even though they are not in-use.

Every face in SketchUp has to have a color… You could always set the default for both to white… that way you would only export a single material, rather than two.

Ah so, is this suggesting that if every face does have a material, then the default Front and Back Color materials will not be present in the exported FBX Or OBJ file?

I’m just saying that any face in a SKetchUp model has at least one material on it. If you want to get rid of both e front material and the back materials, you can change them to the same material, and only export one.

If you are looking to NOT export materials, I believe you can turn material export off by clicking the Options button in the export window.