Default tray lost data

Good morning,
A problem with the tags in my default tray has been found after trying to download terrain and its features, trees, roads, water from Placemaker. The geolocation data also doesn’t show up in tags/ layer of the default tray. The tray is supposed to normally show a list with check boxes allowing them to be blocked or visible. There other items missing from before
bench assy.skp (3.6 MB)

There’s a lot of Placemaker generated tags in your model but only two groups in the model space, both the terrain objects. There are two components, part of a bicycle and the scale figure, in your model and nothing else.

Was there other stuff? Looks like you deleted it.

Purging unused removes the components since they aren’t present in the model space and the materials associated with them. It also deletes all of the tags except PM - Location and PM - Terrain since those other tags aren’t applied to anything.

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Is the photostat in the reply directly from my file ? When I opened the same “Tags” tab in my file, it shows only the standard tools, “tag tool” “details”, “color by tag” “search bar” and " add tag folder" . I couldn’t get the “Check List” to open or wasn’t able to find it anyway. I posted a photostat of what I’m getting in the default tray “Tags” tab

I was trying to find PM location, and PM terrain, etc, but couldn’t which was the main problem. thanks

Drag this down


Thanks so much !! It was a simple adjustment overlooked. I must have been blind. Just dragging the tags menu to enlarge it works ! I thought my data was lost.
Thanks !

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You mean the screen shot? Yes.

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Yes, everything is clear on understanding the default tray and the “Tags / layer”. I was able to open to view the data, thanks again for the great help !

You’re welcome