DC refresh/redraw/rebuild

Is there a metod to refresh,redraw/rebuild DC after put into model?
I have model observer onPlaceComponent in witch I change some DC variables.
Variables are chanded but another dependent variables did not change.

Do you have any sugestions?

If I remember correctly, it’s a known issue that you have to update a component manually. (But I don’t find a link at the moment)

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Covered in other topics.

I posted an example method here:
Method to ask a dynamic component instance to recalc itself? / post 6

Dan you are great. Thank you.

in def onPlaceComponent(instance)
I can set up the value of attribiute using instance.set_attribute…
But i can not read value of attribiute using instance.get_attribiute…

In my case I modify one attribiute using another.

Do you have any ideas?

(1) The method name is spelled incorrectly.
It is: .get_attribute
not: .get_attribiute

(2) Many DC attributes are kept in the definition’s “dynamic_attributes” dictionary, not the instance’s “dynamic_attributes” dictionary. There are only specific situations where the attributes from the instance’s “dynamic_attributes” dictionary are used.

(2) of course, I forgot.