Cutting holes and explode

I couldn’t for the life of me cut a hole in a component. Found the suggestion that I needed to explode the component, which sounded really bad, but what the hell, nothing else was working.

Sure enough, explode and cutting holes started working in that component!

So what exactly is explode and why will some components allow holes without exploding and some have to be blown up!

Is there an opposite to explode?



Exploding a component basically unmakes it. Instead of exploding it, open it for editing. Either double click on it with Select or right click on it and choose Edit component or select it and press Enter. You should then be able to edit the geometry inside it.

Where did you find that suggestion? It is bad indeed.

I was selecting the component, by double clicking or by right click and click “select”. I would see the select outline. Then select draw the rectangle to cut and try to push through, it would never cut just extrude.

If I then exploded it, it will now cut a hole.


Can you share the model? There must be something else going on because there should be no need to explode a component in order to modify it with Push/Pull. Perhaps you had the component nested?

Right click and chose Edit Component in the contextual menu.


Newbie mistake I meant to say select “Edit”. Which is what I did and still could not cut a hole.


The next time it happens I will upload the sketchup file.

You could benefit yourself by spending some time at The SketchUp Campus. This is a site that will provide the basics for learning the SketchUp modeling process. Also, spend some time at the SketchUp SketchUp YouTube site. It provides much information including how to use each tool.