Cutting a section out of a dense model

I’ve been provided with a very dense model by a client. There are about 2 million faces and 5 million edges in the model. It’s very dense to the point where it’s almost unworkable without waiting for 30s for everything I switch to and from SKP on macOS.

I only need a small area of the model. Is it possible to use Section Cuts or some other method to cut away and delete the geo I don’t need?

The model has been grouped with many nested groups. All the layers are tagged and the model is built in a systematic BIM-like way.

method to physically cut and delete areas of geometry. Removing all the areas I don’t need?

Unfortunately, the model is grouped and tagged in a very systematic way.

Try Zorro2 extension. Soften the mesh before use the extension.

Thank you. Exactly what I was looking for.

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