Curving a wall to path


I am trying to curve an outfield wall to a path in a baseball stadium.NEW TRY ON New Boston Field.skp (1.7 MB)

I am reworking Fenway Park into a new station. I want to retain the Green Monster, but instead of straight, I need it to curve along the path of the outfield wall, which is curved.

The model has been made in Sketchup 2020. It can also be viewed, if you have an earlier version of Sketchup, at:

TIA for any help you can provide . . . it is greatly appreciated!!!

I have to confess that I do not know what the green monster is. But if it’s the big green sign it appears in the attached model that you were successful in reshaping it to match the three angles of the outfield wall. Can you be more specific about what you hope to accomplish?

Hi endless fix,

The Green Monster is the left-field wall in Fenway Park . . . so it is the big green rectangle in left-field . . .

In real life, the Green Monster is a straight wall. I would like to put it in the new stadium, but to have it curve along the outfield wall. Basically, all I want to do is “bend” it around the outfield wall in left-field.

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I don’t see the big green sign in the model you posted, and the outfield looks like a series of straight lines, more than a “curve”. Are you wanting to do something like this?


Please don’t talk in ‘baseball’. If you want help we need to know clearly what you need to do.
I once wasted an entire afternoon at some sort of tedious event in a stadium in New York involving a bunch of guys with a stick doing their very best to avoid hitting a ball. There are many here who have no idea if left field is to the left of the guy with the stick or the guy with the ball, nor whether it is the area directly left or left at the end of the field furthest from the stick man.

Images and sketches and the model make it possible to give good answers.


Having grown up in Boston, I know exactly what the OP means. You Box, might not have heard of the “Splendid Splinter”, Yaz or Bill Buckner.
But there are some peeps here who know the “Green Monster” from Godzilla.

No doubt many, But it’s not the ‘Some’ who need to understand, it’s the ‘All who answer questions’.
Make it clear what you need. I could ask a question in full colloquial ‘Strayan’ and wait for an answer from an Australian.
Or write it in plain English with explanatory images and a model and get an answer from just about anyone.


I get it, but to some the “Green Monster” is as iconic as the Sydney Opera House, or Big Ben. Just saying.

I get it too, but still you have used the word Some.

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Yes I did. But that’s the way of the world, not all know things. That “SOME” take for granted.
I guess what I mean is, I’ve had to look up many things that I didn’t know what they where. Most do. We can’t all be Ken Jenners.

Who is Ken Jenners??

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I think c_j means Ken Jennings, the champion on the “Jeopardy” quiz program. And how come no one mentioned True Bend as a way to curve the Green Monster?

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I didn’t mention anything because I’m still unsure of the question.

Because as far as I can tell it’s not a curve, check the file, or the image, or the gif. We still need a little guidance from the OP.

It’s a bit confusing. You have two different models to look at. The one in the 3d warehouse has the green sign and the one you’ve uploaded here doesn’t but has your attempt at making it follow the stadium. As the stadium isn’t curved, if you want the sign curved the best you could do was draw a curve that was a best fit to the shape of the segmented stadium. Or if the stadium is meant to be curved, you could make that curved and make a curved sign fit it.

The baseball talk is like an alien language to me too, I’ve never seen a baseball game, the green monster nor have I seen Jeopardy or Ken Jennings, Jenner and I don’t feel like I’m missing out.

OK, let’s try it this way . . . Attached is a screen cap of what I have . . .

The Green Monster is circled in white . . . the Yellow Arrows to right and left signify where I would like to curve the wall to the edge of the field . . . I want the Green Monster to be contoured to the edge of the field . . . TIA . . . WORKING COPY OF NEW TRY ON New Boston Field1.skp (10.1 MB)

Did you watch the gif in my post? Is that what you want to do?

It looked like it, but I haven’t been able to try it yet . . . thanks!

I see your sign has thickness, the easiest way to do this is to draw the cross section of the shape you want as a surface on the ground and push/pull it up.

Thank you David, that was who I meant.