Creating simple copy matrix of dynamic components

Hallo Colleagues,

I want to copy a dynamic component in 2 (ore more) directions, by typing in the numbers of copies (not by the method of the SU handbook)

It works fine in one direction, but not in two.

For the second direction i put the component in a container, making this way a subcomponent out of it, but i got strange results.

What would be the right way for that?

Left attribute manager “Raster_1” shows the code that worked for 1 dimension (X); the position attributes of “0_punkt” (Y) didnt work as you can see in the red warning .

I guess i haven`t understood the right relationship between container and subcomponent, because i got the feedback of a Cyclic Reference

I haven’t got an example handy, but you don’t need to put your rows or columns into subcomponents. You can calculate the x-y position for each copy to determine its place in the matrix. See, for instance, a ceiling matrix component in the DC Examples collection (by the SU team) in the 3D Warehouse.


Thank you Anssi,

i found a floor grid with the possibility to alter the outer dimensions (and framepart positions.
I will take a look deeper, if i can solve the task this way.
Thanks a lot for your support.