Creating models for beginners

What I ultimately want to do is create a stencil for painting which I’ll print in 3d.

I’ve created a png with transparent areas for the lettering. I imported it into sketchup and exploded it and then extruded it to 3d then I saved it as collada for use in a 3d program. While sketchup shows the transparent areas but in other software it’s just an oblong block.

So what is the next step to save this as a solid with cut-outs for the lettering in a form that can be developed for 3d printing?

Not too technical and no jargon please :wink:


you need to trace the outline to create the shape…

or use a plugin the automates the tracing…


Hi John, thanks

Is there a recommended free plugin to perform that function?

Many thanks

Yes, there is. See this topic:

And here’s another method:

There are recommended free learning resources as well.

Given the description of what you’ve already accomplished…
Investing perhaps twenty minutes in learning would enable you to create what you want.

That is, simply trace the outline of the stencil and then erase what you don’t need.
Then extrude it to 3D.