Creating Custom Grip Points


I would like to create custom grip points on my components. So i can move them from these grip points to other component’s grip points.

Thank you for any help.


Hi Dezmo,
I would like to do the exact same thing with this extension myself. :blush:

Nice target, to learn. However there is a tool already… so probably you could use the existing one. :wink:


Sounds great.

You must ask specific coding questions to get any help.
We are not going to explain how to write the entire extension as it is a major undertaking.

Hello Dan,

I know Sketchup not coding, and my coder buddy has just started to code for sketchup. I insisted on him to ask a forum but he was so stubborn and now i know why. It’s more complicated than i thought. :confused:

Maybe these links can give some clue to him;

Am i close?

That looks cool. Reminds me of the snapping functionality of the Aluvision Sketchup extension: 3D stand design - Aluvision for SketchUp plugin - YouTube