Creating a football?

Is there a way to create a football shaped container from a half sphere?

You could model the half sphere and then use Scale to mash it in the right direction to create a half football shape.

Here’s a rough example. From left to right:

  1. A circle for a Follow me path and a semicircle above. Offset to create the inner semicircle and edges to connect them to get the face. This will be the profile for Follow Me.
  2. Select the profile and scale it vertically to flatten it a bit.
  3. Run Follow Me.
  4. Select the bowl and use Scale to squash it side to side.

It also depends on where you live… for me does not need to be “mash it” :soccer:

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For a Buckeye, it’ll need to be mashed. :wink:

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Perfect! Thank you!

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A hemisphere IS half a football! Just cut it half. Whereas a rugby ball is oval, similar to an American football!

Two nations separated by a common language again.

Football, outside North America.

A Rugby ball
Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 17.22.28

Truth! And cheers!

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