Create faces from curved trapezes

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There is a another way to create faces from 2 curved trapezes other than create multiples triangles. The problem is that the bottom trapeze is wider than the top (the part is built like that).

Kia foglight.skp (259.6 KB)

Is this the sort of thing you want?

Hi Dave! Thanks for your answer. Basically, I want to close the 2 missing faces. You result is good you just pick the wrong line. How can I do that?

Kia foglight (1).skp (250.7 KB)

So you just want to make the leg go straight up? If that’s the case, erase all that stuff sticking up and use Push/Pull on that face at the bottom.

The only option you have for closing up the opening you currently have in that leg in web versions of SketchUp would be to stitch between the vertices on the arcs.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp for Schools (I presume you are a middle school or high school student?)

If you were using SketchUp Pro there are some extensions that can create the surfaces quickly. I used Curviloft in SketchUp Pro to do it.

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I get it. I’m working in a University teaching GIS (mainly in 2D) so my 3D skills are low. Here’s a good reason to upgrade to Pro.


Teaching GIS? SketchUp Pro would be useful for that, too.

Are you hoping to 3D print this thing once you have it modeled?

Yes, we recently bought a 3D and I’m doing test. In our laboratory we have a couple of drones and we will do some modifications for lidar, scans, NIR. Some parts will be scanned and others will be designed.


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For 3D printing I find it easier to work if I treat millimeters as meters (units set to meters in SketchUp) and export the .stl as meters, then when I import into the slicer the model will be sized in millimeters. Here’s an example. The red base part is supposed to be 4 inches (101.6 mm) tall. Note that .stl files have no units.

In the slicer it reports as 101.6 mm tall.

For modeling terrain you might consider that unit thing for the size of terrain blocks you make from your scans.

It would be cool if you show us some of your results.