Create dynamic component with API

Can anyone guide me how can I create a dynamic (parametric) component in sketchup programmatically using C sketchup API?
By parametric / dynamic I mean that user can change the dimensions of any instance of the component placed. For e.g. a cube (component) that has parameters l, b and h. I place 3 instances of the cube component in sketchup model, and I can assign different values of l, b and h for all 3 instances.

The first thing to do is to reassign this thread to the C SDK subcategory.

The 2nd thing is to explain your idea of “dynamic” ?

It can be done with the C API, but not to the active SketchUp model as the “live” C API is read only.

You would need to operate upon a .skp file.

That said, this task requires that you know how the Ruby extension for Dynamic Components works using it’s attribute dictionaries.

This extension is a proprietary closed source extension. But we have discussed populating the “dynamic_attribtes” dictionaries quite a lot in the Dynamic Components forum category.

I also have discussed this topic here in the SDK category in the past so a search on my username will bring up previous topic threads:

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