Could you see the difference between the 2 Iron Thrones?

Could you see the difference between the 2 Iron Thrones printed on Cetus? (Our new printer that will be on kickstarter soon).
Left one: printed using a 0.4mm nozzle at 0.15mm layer thickness.
Right one: printed using a 0.2mm nozzle at 0.07mm layers thickness. Spray painted.
The cube is a 20mm test cube and the models were scaled to about 7.5cm in height.

We are trying to optimize printing conditions that use 0.05/0.07mm z-resolution printed by 0.2mm nozzle, so that customers could get HD prints right out of the box.
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Its quite difficult to say as it is a single photo which has the focus on only one of the object.

Also, different color makes it quite distinguished. With that said, I can see that there is difference in detail/thickness especially on the top thorns and handle of the sword in the center.

So, yeah I can tell the difference.

How about a closer one?

Yes, The definition on the silver version is much clearer.