Could anyone give me a link to downoad SketchUp_2017_checkup, please

Does anyone have a link to download SketchUp_2017_checkup?

I follow the tips of this page ( ), try to download Checkup with the, but unfortunately, I get an error missage like this :The requested URL (URL) cannot be obtained.

The link worked from here a minute ago. Perhaps temporary problem? Try again?

It just worked fine for me.

@peter3601, if you are still running Win7 32-bit, then Checkup will not help you. SketchUp 2017 and higher is 64-bit only.

The link takes me to a description but no the download ?? Where is the download can a staff member please help please

I’m sorry, I’m not a staff member but:

The first link takes you to the help file that talks about Checkup and if you scroll down the page you will see a download link.

And the second link is a direct link to the download.

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Sorry I found it hidden at the bottom and I have run it OK thanks for your assistance

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It is not “hidden” at the bottom, … it was moved to the bottom because people were just downloading it without first reading the instructions.