Copies and Definitions in Dynamic Components


I am creating a DC that represents one line of concrete form blocks. The end block in the row should be rotated to create an end for the form work. So my Wall Line component contains 2 blocks (standard form block and end block).

Concrete - Stepoc N - Wall.skp (229.9 KB)

I have set the attributes to the standard form block to copy itself with a formula related to the length of the wall line. But the problem is that it creates multiple definitions for each identical standard block. This defeats the purpose as my material list will have unnecessary duplicates of the same object.

As an example, a standard form block is 602mm. A wall line of 2000 should create:
Standard Form Block, Standard Form Block, Standard Form Block, End Form Block of 194mm

However, I get the following:
Standard Form Block, Standard Form Block #1, Standard Form Block #2, End Form Block of 194mm

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance

Hey. I removed the extra concrete block so you just have copies now. I also suggest using the Parent! reference instead of the parent component name to avoid errors if you make a change to the name. It also makes it easier to re use parts.

EDIT: Still makes unique definitions for the copies, I am not sure why. Perhaps some one else or @pcmoor can explain?˚

Stepoc N - Wall Edit.skp (354.1 KB)

EDIT2: Made all subs components, now the bottom level parts have 1 definition.

Stepoc N - Wall Edit 2.skp (302.5 KB)

Any DC that has child DCs will become unique when redrawn.
you could use a fixed size component for the common block, hide sizes when necessary, however the ends will always be unique

Rather than using the definition name specifically. generalize it, “concrete block”?

Then use instance name, name attribute, or custom attribute depending on your chosen reporter.

I now use the name attribute for OCL, so first instance then name attribute, the instance helps to find it in outliner and provided name is “” and inserted into a clean file, the attribute and option header will update as normal component.
I then use the name attribute to name parents, child and add any other description (auto within DC)
I will set this DC up tomorrow, but night for me in Tas now

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Thank you both for looking into this. I am using OCL too. I still have to check out how that will work out, since I am new to DC and OCL.

@pcmoor: Suppose halfway a design, I want to swap the base type of block (different supplier). Is there an efficient way to do this?

Does this not defeat the entire purpose of subcomponents?

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Consider a series of correctly drawn blocks, detailed to even show cuts for reno. All scaled to the first block and hidden, then on selection the right size is shown and only the visible option copied

copies of blocks.skp (83.1 KB)

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another with sizes and formula in value section of dropdowns

add start and end

you could place the typical 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, whole…blocks that can shrink to smaller sizes, for ends

copies of blocks.skp (120.1 KB)

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Thanks a lot for the drawings. Especially the start feature is very practical!

So the error I made was that I made the standard block (uncut) intelligent?
And your drawing has all the versions in there, that it copies or hides, depending on the settings.

Wow, cool solution!

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not an error, but based on the result causing uniqueness and type of report required, this is a good work around