Converting Sketchup Commands to Ruby code, a recording macro?

Hi, how can you see what the Ruby Code is behind a sketchup command or series of commands?

You can read the source code for any non-encrypted extension but otherwise this isn’t possible. What problem are you trying to solve?

SketchUp is a compiled C/C++ program. The GUI’s tools and commands directly invoke compiled code; there isn’t any Ruby involved. The Ruby API provides a wrapper around the compiled code through which extension writers can invoke many of the compiled functions. As Jim noted, if the command of interest is from a non-encrypted Ruby extension, then you can examine the Ruby code to see how it works. But you can’t examine the C/C++ source of SketchUp itself.

Most SketchUp actions can be done with ruby commands. For more information read the Ruby API documentation:

Thank you all. skup/ruby doc is subpar, not that you cant do anything if you understand a lot of subtleties. Given a most simplistic isolated considering programming is about multiplexing, interfaces, conversions, consistency… the objects are all typed, and thus, should allow you to not worry about conditions that fight.