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I have a model that is made of XYZ data, see printscreen. Is there an easy solution to add contour-lines to an existing XYZ mesh? I tried sandbox tools, but that to my understanding is the other way around - you can make the terrain with existing contour lines.
Also, is it possible to display / label of the elevation level the specific contour line has?

Thanks, Thomas

Printscreen Contourlines

Can’t directly help you with that, but I do notice that all your buildings have faces that are ‘cracked’ - not flat.

How did you model the buildings? Looks as though you might need some more practice in the basics of drawing with SketchUp.

Does this method suit your needs?

Its a data set that I purchased, so I just importet the buildings. The buildings are not very nice looking, however the data is quite accurate (edges of buildings match reality within range of 25cm).

I was hoping there is a standard function in SU that does this directly. I guess I am correct then that you can not do it via sandbox tools given you have an XYZ mesh?

Nope. No standard function. And a quick Google search for a plugin to ‘draw contour lines from mesh’ produced nothing for me, either.

Filibis’s link above looks like your best bet, as far as I know. However, others on the forum may know of a better way, if there is one.

I’m curious about where you got the buildings from? They look very badly drawn.

John - thanks for follow up. I believe it is because these are put together from different areal pictures. I got them from Swiss Topographie Institute.

I suppose, then, they might have been automatically generated from the aerial photos. In SU terms, they don’t look well drawn at all.

If you intend to use them for presentation purpose, it could well be worth redrawing them from the base upward.

However, it might be worth seeing if deleting the diagonal lines leaves a flat face, first. It might just be an artefact of creating triangulated meshes for the buildings.

Thx for input, John.

This will add contours at chosen vertical increments…


Ok, thanks. Closed.

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