Construction Office Area Calculation Ruby Process

We used “Eneroth Material Area Counter” extension to take-off all the materialized area of faces from the SketchUp Model made for real construction projects. Many thanks to this free extension by the author Eneroth. One Project SKP file (the V apartment) was attached for details. [V apartment SKP file] (Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.)

It is so simple to copy the information in the msgbox after executing the extension to Excel file for further analysis.

As discussed with the construction office, we found the need for more information combined with results from the aforementioned extension. Maybe “multi-tag” function for each materialized face can be expected. Please see the outline of the sketchup modeling framework. We try the sketchup outline to achieve the “multi-tag” function.

As we expected, with the help of Ruby Script, Sketchup can output CSV file to Excel. The CVS format was set up as shown. The hierarchy outline information of one floor architecture layout can be collected and recorded as the Comma-Separated String in each line of the output text file.

However, it was difficult to start scripting without the base knowledge of Sketchup Ruby Script. We studied “Automatic SketchUp RUBY” book and even tried ChatGPT, but have not gotten good results so far.

Can someone help us with an estimate to develop a simple ruby script to finish such a task :sweat_smile:? Private message PLS send to