Console app using vs 2015 express


Hello. I’m new to Skethup SDK. It is quite confusing as to which version of visual studio I need. I need to extract some info from a .skp file in the command line. Can I do this with VS2015 express ? I assuming I can as long as I install the vs 2010 SDK.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


You can use VS 2015 Express. You do not need the VS 2010 SDK.

However for a console app you don’t need to worry about binary compatibility with SketchUp’s ruby, so the compiler is not important as long as the linker can link your code to SketchUpAPI.dll


Thanks for your reply. I was able to compile the skptoxml sample, with no errors. However when I go to sketchup (2016) and hit file->export sketchup will crash every time.

here is my environment:
Compiled on Visual Studio 2015 express, x64 Release build.
Used in Sketchup Pro 2016 x64

Any idea why that is happening?


Also, if real solution is to just use visual studio 2010, where can I get this? It seems Microsoft has removed any download links to 2010, they don’t even have it available on their developer site of which I am a registered member. A link to VS2010 install would be helpful if that indeed is what most are using