Components diagram reference and Cutlist

I had a model that contains a few hundred components. When generating with extensions such as opencutlist, I get the cutlist which comes out great. I get component1 through componentX but difficult to reference back to the actual model which component is which. Is there a way to refer back component/component numbers back to a diagram that shows the component number? That is, is there a way to generate an explored view diagram labeling components and matching that against what is generated by opencutlist or other cut list utility?

You can make an exploded view of the model and add labels that show the component names. Best to add labels in LayOut.

Presumably you gave the components useful names and didn’t use Component #1 through Component #xxx.

Thanks…I’ll have to play with it. Still new to Sketchup… The model is actually from a woodworker to build a workbench. Lots of parts and have this feeling the components were not labeled. But as long as I can reference the component back to the cutlist parts then that will do.

Good luck. Hopefully the model was built at least close to correctly.

Here’s an example from a plan I did for a workbench. I created the exploded view with a copy of the assembled workbench. The parts are moved away from each other to make the exploded view. I split the exploded view into sub assemblies and have multiple scenes within the SketchUp model. Labels added in LayOut.

There are also 2D views of most of the parts with detailed dimensions. I’ve hidden the dimensions here.

Another workbench example.