Components colission detection or checking if point is inside solid

Is there any easy way to check if point is inside component, or if two components sharing the same space.
I was checking bounding box, but bounding box do not follow the object when it’s rotated. Any other ideas?

With the API, not yet. NO collision detection.

There may be workarounds. We’ve discussed this before several times. Do a search in the developers forum at SketchUcation.

As I remember one way was within a temporary group to insert instances of the 2 “solids” using the same transform as the originals, and then do a boolean intersect. If the result has volume then there was an intersect.
But this approach requires SketchUp Pro edition. @eneroth3 has some open source boolean tools.

Here’s the source code for my solid tools:

It’s a quite old project and the code is somewhat messy. I’ve wanted to rewrite it at some point but haven’t found the time. Anyhow it can probably be helpful. There’s even a method specifically for checking if a point is within a solid.

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