Complex curved top tram windows

I am drawing another tram body which has complex curved window tops which I have drawn but cabnnot push/pull them. Any suggestions please?

It’s very hard to tell from your screen shot but it looks like the edges you’ve created are showing as profile edges. You’ve had this happen in the past because you’ve drawn the edges outside the context of the face. You’ve also had this happen because you have had off axis alignment and the edges aren’t actually on the surface.

As usual, share the .skp file so we can see exactly what is wrong and help you get it sorted out.

File attachedtrailer 26 large.skp (1.2 MB)

First problem is your curves aren’t in the same context as the face they are on. You’ve got the curves grouped while the face is ungrouped geometry. You need to explode the groups.

Another problem you’ll have is that the curves won’t be connected.

One you have things fixed, those curves should be displayed as thin regular edges, not profile edges.

I’ve suggested to you before, and I’ll suggest again, that you do your modeling with units set to Meters. Enter millimeters as meters. If you have to before 3D printing, scale the model down but working in meters will make all this stuff much easier.

Thanks Dave

Things that are symmetrical can easily be flipped or rotated around a midpoint so that both sides match. Not sure how you made your curve but they are not aligned correctly.
Here I have used Fredo’s Bezier tool to create the curve, then simply rotated it on the blue axis to create the mirror of the shape.
Rotate curve
You should also look into using components in your workflow, you could basically make one section of the tram including one window, then array it and mirror it to build the whole thing without having to model all of it.

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